Tasting of spirits and liqueurs

Spirit and liqueur tasting for small groups of up to 15 people in different languages (Slovene, English, Italian).

Tasting includes a distillery tour, a presentation of the phases of distillation and tasting of 3 to 5 samples of spirits and liqueurs according to your wishes.

In the very centre of the Brda, with a view on the eastern hills, you will definitely feel ‘the true heart of Brda’. Right in the vicinity is a cherry plantation, and the tasting takes place in the cellar of the distillery.
‘Old Brandy’ tasting (5 courses) ----- 25 €
Cherry liqueur, Herbis – liqueur with honey, Aqua Vitae,
spirit of choice (Plum brandy, Cherry brandy, Medicano), Old brandy

Cherry’ tasting (3 courses) ----- 15 €
Cherry liqueur, Cherry spirit, Aqua Vitae

Á la carte’ tasting (3 courses) ----- 18 €
Choose among liqueurs (Cherry, Herbis, Mentha)
spirits (Plum brandy, Cherry brandy, Medicano, Aqua Vitae, Old brandy).

We invite and welcome you in the village, where the recording of
the famous Slovenian series ‘Ena žlahtna štorija’ took place.
Cherry plantations


Homemade spirits and liqueurs

Spirits and liqueurs

Cherry and fig jam

Jam and honey