Jam and honey

ACQUA VITAE / starano v hrastovem sodu
PLUM – extra homemade jam 210 g

Plain homemade plum is still considered to be the best choice for making jam. Our organically grown plums are planted in the finest locations, which are consequently expressed in splendid jam.
>MEDICANO / 15 zeli
APRICOT – extra homemade jam 210g

Apricot jam has a pleasant sweet - sour taste and a distinctive aroma. It is prepared according to the classic procedure and justifies the expectations of even the most demanding taster.
ČEŠNJA / original
CHERRY – extra homemade jam 210g

Brda is because of favourable conditions a paradise, where cherries attain superior flavours. Jam is made from old varieties of cherries (Karnjevka, Tercinka), which our ancestors preferred to use in baking - cherry strudel and other desserts.
SLIVOVKA / domače žganje
FIG – extra homemade jam 210g

Ripe, home-grown, high quality fruits, organic production. Jam contains high proportion of fruit. It's cooked according to the classic procedure.

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Jam is cooked from quality local fruit
and is an excellent food, to start your day with.

We are offering fig, cherry, plum and apricot jam.

For gourmets, our bees gather a delicious
and healthy honey (acacia, lime), an ideal source of energy,
which is especially recommended after a hard work or training.
Real ecological honey
Cherry plantations


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Cherry and fig jam

Jam and honey