House of fruit and home delicacies

House Marinič is located in Biljana, a village in the centre of Brda. Today this is a modern farm with a respectful attitude towards the environment, nature and people.

The history of our family has always related to nature, the land of Brda and hard work. In the past century father Ludvik laid the foundations of what is today a modern farm.

Today Enia and Anim are delighted to help their parents, Bogdan and Erika, co-create the story of the house Marinič.
We swear on naturally farming and develop our own style of fruit production, and with the beekeeping the farm achieves deeper involvement in the circle of life.

Following the example of our grandfathers, we develop spirit distilling (cherry spirit, plum brandy, spirit with herbs, cherry liqueur, honey liqueur …) after the example of our grandmothers, we cook an excellent jam.

We use a modern, clean technology and minimalism, which preserves the original structure, taste and aroma in the products.
Cherry plantations


Homemade spirits and liqueurs

Spirits and liqueurs

Cherry and fig jam

Jam and honey