Cherries, figs, persimmon, plums, apricots

The most planted areas on our farm are intended for cherries, figs and persimmons. We also grow apricots and plums.

Biological wholesomeness and top flavours are achieved with optimal parts, small loads per tree and harvesting completely ripe fruits.

We have an external control that ensures that our fruit is impeccable and meets the standards of safe food, for figs and persimmons we have obtained an organic certification.
We have various species of cherries planted, also the one that are the most desirable at the beginning of May – and the season lasts until the end of June.

Figs are being picked from mid-August to the end of September, and persimmons in October and November.

Cherries from Brda
Cherry plantations


Homemade spirits and liqueurs

Spirits and liqueurs

Cherry and fig jam

Jam and honey